We've put together a series of sales tips that will help you increase awareness and promote TOTUM to your learners/members/staff. Whether you have 10 minutes or a spare hour, we've got you covered!

10-minute tasks:

  1. Use our email templates to make your learners/members aware of TOTUM and the benefits available to them. (combine with our marketing assets found here)
  2. Share content from www.totum.com, our social channels and B2B marketing comms on your own Channels

Got a 'spare' hour? 

  1. Work with your marketing and enrolment team to ensure that buying TOTUM is part of information sent to new students. You could even make TOTUM part of your enrolment process.
  2. Make your employees aware that they can register for a TOTUM Professionals membership.
  3. Use our print-ready assets to print leaflets/posters to promote TOTUM on-premises.

Longer-term ideas:

  1. Provide TOTUM as an incentive for people signing up for your courses/apprenticeships. TOTUM memberships can be bulk purchased by our associates at a discounted rate.
  2. Add a TOTUM protected URL to your website.